Numbers Connected Learning Mini Kit


Numbers Connected Learning-Mini -Kit consists of the following four items:

  • The Shadow Book
  • The Numbers DVD
  • Numbers Flash Cards
  • Numbers Activity Sheets
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Product Description

The Numbers Early Learning Mini Kit comes with 4 products that are interconnected to each other:


1)The Slide Book of Numbers:



This is a great interactive board book for your child to learn numbers.

As each page is turned, a new number is introduced, accompanied by real world images and cartoon illustrations.



How exactly will this Slide Book help your child?

Cognitive Development:

• It’s not like the other books where the answer is revealed right away.
• Your child has to slide out the page for the answer and simultaneously learn sequencing, counting and matching.

Social Emotional Development:

Reading with your child will have a positive impact on your child.

Logical Development:

The book shows images of fingers along with the numbers.
Through this the child will understand that a number 5 is nothing but a collection of 5 items i.e five fingers.

Gross Motor Skills:

Pulling out the inner slide page will help develop your child’s gross motor skills.


2)The Numbers DVD:

• A playful introduction to numbers!

• Exposes your little one to the concept of counting and to numerals 1 to 10 in a captivating way.

• Using baby friendly images and videos of toys, puppets, children and familiar real world objects set to beautiful music; this dynamic program is a fun and age appropriate way for you and your child to discover the exciting world of numbers and counting together!


How exactly will this DVD help your child?

Digital Learning:

• Your child can be considered a part of the 1st generation of digital citizens.
• Learning has been taking place on the digital format for quite a while.
• It is important that your child is also comfortable with digital education.
• The DVD contains various activities and skits revolving around numbers.

Cognitive Development:

The DVD has videos that encourage your child to count the number of objects on the screen.


Increase Attention Span:

Various media (animations, puppets, real videos, sketches) are used to teach and grab your child’s attention for a longer time.


3)The Number Flashcards



Flashcards have been found to be effective in teaching children simple arithmetic processes like counting.
The cards also include 3D images of various animals and objects to make learning counting fun.



How exactly will these Flashcards help your child?

Positive Reinforcement:

Flash cards are very important for learning and positive enforcement.

Improve Memory Skills:

Science has shown that the use of flash cards tremendously helps in memory retention.



4)Book of Activity Sheets:

• Introduce your child to the world of numbers with our worksheets.

• Bring out the mathematician in your child with our fun and interactive worksheets.

How exactly will these Activity Sheets help your child?

Relearning :

Fine Motor Skill Development:

• Though your child may not be able to write, scribing on worksheets has enormous value.
• This will help develop his/her fine motor skills

Improves Memory:

These sheets also help in revising what your child has already learnt.

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Considering the SuperBaby kit? Check out what the world has to say :

You might be wondering if our Early Learning kits are right for your child.

To help you with that decision, we asked parents and industry experts who used our early learning kits to share their experience. Keep in mind that these reviews are completely uncut and unedited.

Here’s what they had to say:




“Let me mention at this time that my son, Samarth, has excellent knowledge of animals today thanks to the DVD and the animal cards. He also happens to be so addicted to the DVD that one of the first words he started saying about two months ago when he was about 13-14 months old was “animals” ! Basically he’d say it pointing at the computer every time he passed by it so we let him watch it “-Sidharth, father of baby Samarth





“The mat is really awesome & flash cards are really good which has helped my kids identifying objects very easily. Basically we use it like a toy to play which indirectly helps them in learning.” –Mr. Sumit Jalan, Father of Chahek Jalan 





“SuperBaby Kit is very useful for a growing child especially at the age of one. as, at that age they start recognising everything. These kits help each and every child to increase knowledge, grasping power, memory etc. I liked these kits so much.”– Pavani Yegi, mother of Shourya



Here’s what Education Experts have to say


“The educational learning kits are suited to the needs and patterns of growth and potentialities of a preschooler. The learning kits provide immense opportunities to think, to reason and to take the next step. It provides the right amount and the right kind of stimulation at the right time and prepares the child for independence in reading and understanding the concept.“ -Gita Karan (Chairman Gitanjali schools )


“The kits contain critical elements to help a child succeed.They are comprehensive packages to prepare a child for achieving his/her educational goals. I see tremendous value in the products as they have a good mix of illustration and content that helps nurture a child’s learning experience.“– Harsha Bhartee (Center Head Pre -Primary, Neeraj Public school)


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Mr Viswanathan Anand providing the award for best company for early learning products to SuperBaby .

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Frequently Asked Questions About SuperBaby’s Early Learning Kit


1)Is Early Learning really important?

0-6 years are the most important period in any child’s life.
Take a look.

  • Obama on Early Learning
  • Experiences Build Brain Architecture by Harvard University


2)What are the skills that are developed using Early Learning kits?

✔ Verbal/Communication skills
 Motor skills
✔ Social and Emotional Development
✔ Cognitive Development

3)Is it worth Rs.2499?

Investing in your child now, has more than 17x the ROI (Return On Investment).

Skills, when properly developed, will form the foundation for your child’s future success.
Not just this, a huge amount of research has gone into the development of these products.

4)Why do I need it? My child will anyway learn this at school.

Your child will most definitely learn it at school.
However, he/she will only learn the concept.

SuperBaby’s Early Learning kits will help develop skills along with concepts in a proper scientific manner.

Look around you, not everyone is equal.
Some people communicate better, some are better at logic.
The foundation of these skills is laid by our Early Learning kits.
Success in later life can be traced back to the initial years of brain development

5)My child already knows the concept. Is this kit still useful?

Absolutely! The Early Learning kits along with concepts focus on skill development.
The primary focus of our kits is on developing your child’s verbal, motor, social emotional and cognitive skills.

6)How long will it take for delivery?

Order will be dispatched next business day. Takes 4-7 business days to reach most Indian cities

7)What are the available payment methods?

We ship across India . You can pay via Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery or Net Banking.