Encourage your child’s hobby (or) interest

Encourage your child’s hobby (or) interest

Hobbies not only help kids make effective utilization of time, but also increase their self-esteem. They get a sense of pride, in knowing that they are good at something. It’s not an easy task, to recognize a child’s talent or area of interest. We have to put in some effort, to understand their likes & let them take their own time, in picking their hobby.

Every hobby does not have to end up into a career option:

Parents get very competitive, when it comes to discussing their kid’s hobbies with other parents. It’s just a hobby & not a career. It always does not necessarily have to be, relating to academics like reading or writing, or a sports hobby like Tennis or Cricket and eventually play for the state/country. It can be gardening or clay modelling or anything which interests them.

Give them a lot of choices:kid-hobby-drawing

Numismatics, philately, origami, gardening, reading, writing, creating small houses with building blocks, swimming, painting, drawing, sports(hockey, tennis, football, throw-ball etc.), singing, dancing,kid-hobby-guitar playing any instrument (keyboard, violin, cello, veena, drums, flute etc.), cooking, scrap-booking and many more.

Help them identify their hobby/interest:

Try a different hobby every few days, to see which interests him the most. For reading, you can start by getting a few books & let him take his time to read them. Watch how he reacts to a certain genre. Get him more books of that genre.

Even after a few days, if you feel that he’s not into reading, you can probably get him a drawing book and ask him to draw.

You can take him swimming and see, if he likes to swim, or is he just happy sitting in the corner of a pool.kid-hobby-gardening

Kids sometimes, like to follow their parents. So if you are into cooking or gardening, then you can let them join you, while you are tending to the plants or cooking up a meal.

Encouragement & help is always good:kid-hobby-philately

If your kid likes to collect stamps or coins, you can encourage him, by helping him find coins or different currencies, or stamps of different countries.

Don’t just let them do it on their own. During the initial years they will need all your help in building up a hobby. After a few years, they will easily manage on their own & you will be surprised at how well they do it. Appreciate whenever required. It boosts their confidence.

Allocate some hobby time every week:

Take some time out every week for at least an hour or two, to help your kid work on his interest. Indoor hobbies such as reading or cooking can be carried out on a regular basis so your kid does not lose touch. But outdoor hobbies need some proper planning. You can keep Saturdays as tennis days or swimming days. kid-hobby-tennisTake a membership at the tennis coaching club or the local swimming pool. If that’s not possible every week, you can still help him play in the park or in your backyard.


It always helps when parents take active participation in developing a kid’s interest. Doing things along with them will get them more interested in what they are doing. They will have a sense of security when Mommy and Daddy are helping them. No hobby is too big or too small. There are lot of things in this world. Let your child take up what he likes & let him take his time in learning what he likes.


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